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Greeting/Closing (30% Possible)

1. Rep makes a positive greeting stating where Rep is calling from
2. Rep informed the customer the call was being recorded line
3. Rep verify first and last name

Accuracy (50% Possible)

1. Rep verifies homeowner/decision maker
2. Rep verified the customer's address including zipcode
3. Rep verified the customer's utility provider
4. Rep verified the customer's FICO is over 650 with no bankruptcies
5. Rep verified authorization of property changes (HOA)
6. Rep verified the bill amount was appropriate for client transferring to
7. Rep verified quanity of shade
8. Rep verified the property is a single family residence
9. Rep verified the roof type
10. Rep verfied the customer has a 7 or higher interest in solar
11. Rep efficiently and effectively handled the call
12. Read full DISCLAIMER!!

Transfer/Hold (10% Possible)

1. Rep gained the customer's permission to place them on hold to transfer the call
2.Rep exchanged customer's phone number to agent
3. Rep introduces the customer to the agent before transferring the call

Quality (10% Possible)

1. Rep has a professional tone and approach
2. Rep creates an understanding and actively listens to the customer
3. Rep uses at least two trigger phrases
4. Rep builds value and rapport with the customer