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Creating options for consumers

De-risking advertiser media spend

Maximizing publisher monetization

Building a more efficient advertiser ecosystem

Sakura BPO is a leading provider of technology-enabled digital performance advertising solutions connecting consumers and advertisers.

Technology-Enabled & Data-Driven Digital Performance Advertising

The Sakura BPO toolset provides consumers with easier access to options, promotions, and savings while helping our advertiser clients connect with high-intent consumers interested in their products and services. The Sakura BPO toolset consists of our:

  • First-party data set
  • Proprietary technology
  • Expansive digital media reach

End-To-End Digital Performance Advertising Solutions

Sakura BPO digital performance advertising solutions de-risk media spend while removing friction from the advertising ecosystem by delivering the right message to the right person at the right time and place. We achieve maximum engagement and conversions by leveraging our suite of digital performance advertising solutions:

  • Brand-direct solutions
  • Marketplace solutions
  • SaaS & other solutions

A Differentiated Approach To Driving Results

At Sakura BPO, we continually invest in our people, process and technology:

  • People: Sakura BPO is a people-first company. We prioritize the growth and success of our team.
  • Process: We are agile, yet process focused, and always seeking ways to better connect our people and our technology. Our process investments allow for more standardization and efficiencies, resulting in enhanced consumer experiences and more scale and measurable ROI for our advertiser clients.
  • Technology: Our sophisticated, proprietary technology connects our first-party data asset to our expansive media reach, helping connect advertisers with customers and near customers.

Performance-Based Digital Advertising That De-Risks Media Spend

Through our marketplaces and brand-direct campaigns, Sakura BPO increases consumer access to branded products, services, promotions and savings opportunities. As a result, Sakura BPO delivers customers and near customers to our digital advertiser clients.

Sakura BPO leverages the best people, processes and technology in the industry to provide digital performance advertising campaigns that grow business, offer visibility into the consumer experience and provide accountability for every media dollar spent.

Connect With Your Audience At Scale

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