Solar Script v1 Sakura to Buyer from DV


Hi this is with SolaRay Partners on a recorded line for quality and training. I'll transfer for you now. I just want to confirm that YOU ARE interested in a Solar Panel quote just to see how much you can save. We are not going to try to sell you ANYTHING today AND you are under no obligation to purchase. OK?

OK Great,, (Mr. / Mrs. ) your shading looks good.

Contact Info


I'm reaching out to you because our records indicate that you may qualify for thew new discounted solar program that's being offered in your area. I'm not sure if you're familiar with it but it ACTUALLY allows you to receive an entire solar panel system there for youre home, the setup, installation, everything, for little to no out of pocket cost to you, becuase of the new program that's being offered.

Mr./Mrs (), UNFORTUNATELY not everyone qualifies for the new program and these programs don't last long, and that's my job! I simply see if you qualify. It literally just takes a couple minutes; I verify some quick information. Let's see if I can help you out.

And it looks like YOU ARE paying at least $100 per month in electricity, is that right?

$100or more
$40or more$160or more
Asphalt Shingle Roof? *

Great! That’s all on my end and it appears that you may qualify for the program. The next step is for me to bring on the scheduler agent so that they can confirm that the information I submitted is correct.

It’s only a couple of minutes from here....then they will just set a callback for you

When I submit your information, you may receive a follow up call so you can get more information about the different options. This call may be made using what is called an automatic dialing system to call you, text you or send you pre-recorded messages about their services at the number you gave us even if you are on any state or federal Do Not Call Lists. Message and data rates may apply. Your consent here is not a condition of service. Is this okay?

As I bring on the verification agent, you may here a ringing in the background. I am still here. I will introduce you to the agent so stay with me.