Mortgage-Rev Form with Script v1


Hi (()), my name is , on a recorded line, with First American Home Loans. We’re one of the nation’s largest home lenders to seniors. The reason for my call is we recently mailed you a notice to let you know that you’re eligible for a government insured mortgage program that, because youre a senior, will help reduce or even eliminate your monthly mortgage payments.

Did you happen to see the notice in your mailbox?

Radio Buttons

Okay, you should see it soon then – the notice is about the size of a small postcard. I called because your preapproval is part of a Government-Insured program but this Pre-Approval is only available for a limited amount of time.

All the details, including our phone number, are on the notice. So just watch for it in your mailbox.


Great! So I don’t need any information from you right now becuase you’re already pre-approved for on this government insured program. Don’t worry, we just want to take 5 minutes out of your time … just to let you know how these options work, there’s no obligation to sign up for anything, just if you do like what you hear, you can definitely speak further with the specialist. But again, like I said before there’s no obligation, ok?

Additional Qualifiers

Additional Contact Info


Hand-off Script

You do have 3-4 minutes to discuss the free benefit analysis with my loan officer, correct?

(Must be read word for word) OK great! What I need to do now is bring on my loan officer. When I submit your information, if the loan officer is on the phone they may call you in the next 24-48 hours and their call would override any state or federal no contact registries you may be on just so the lender can get a hold of you and get you the information. Is this Ok? Great! (PRESS SUBMIT and Follow hand-off script)