Mortgage Form with Script v1


(()), my name is , on a recorded line, with American Mortgage Advisors. We spoke with you about 6 months ago regarding your home loan situation and this is a followup regarding the fixed rates reaching their lowest point ever and the new cashout programs. I have one of our specialists holding online to just quickly go over any new savings or options that have changed. Are you still at ?

Zip Code

OK Good. Well, , we just want to take 5 minutes out of your time … just to let you know how these options work, there’s no obligation to sign up for anything, just if you do like what you hear, you can definitely speak further with the specialist. But again, like I said before there’s no obligation, ok?

What I need to do is just update 3 pieces of information here. You just answer with a YES or NO, ok?

Our info from last time shows we had your interest rate at around %, is that correct?

Have you refinanced in the last 6 months? (if YES, then DQ the call)
Since the mortgage have you had a Short Sale, Foreclosure or Bankruptcy?
In the last 12 months have you had a 30 day late on ANY mortgage?
[CLARIFY THE YES] Were you actually over 30 days late past your due date or did you just incur a late fee?
And are you, your spouse or anyone else on the home title a US Veteran? *

Credit Failure – DO NOT PROCEED – **END CALL**

You already have a REALLY GOOD interest rate.

We’re usually able to save homeowners an ADDITIONAL $300- $600 PER MONTH by combining credit cards, student loans and car loans. I can have our Specialist analyze that option for you. About how much do you owe in credit cards?

Because of your credit score, we can help you with some of these debts so you can get them paid off and reduce your monthly payment right away.

Are you currently employed with an income of at least $1500 per month?
Are you currently enrolled in any Debt Settlement or Debt Forgiveness program?

Potential Benefit Failure – Check rate and cash-out – NO BENEFIT? – **Make corrections to RATE or CASHOUT or LOAN AMOUNT or **END CALL**


Additional Qualifiers

Additional Contact Info


Hand-off Script

You do have 3-4 minutes to discuss the free benefit analysis with my loan officer, correct?

(Must be read word for word) OK great! What I need to do now is bring on my loan officer. When I submit your information, if the loan officer is on the phone they may call you in the next 24-48 hours and their call would override any state or federal no contact registries you may be on just so the lender can get a hold of you and get you the information. Is this Ok? Great! (PRESS SUBMIT and Follow hand-off script)