Mortgage Form with Script v1 DV
Was the hand-off good?
Hi . This is from upstairs, I have () on the line. Are you ready to take the call?


(()), my name is , on a recorded line, with American Mortgage Advisors. Your Loan Officer is just getting off a call so let me quickly review what you told .

As you know, interest rates for refinancing are REALLY low right now. You are interested in seeing how much you can save on your mortgage, correct?
And I see here that you might be intested in taking cash out of around ?
OK great! Do you have a verifiable source of income?
OK Good. And, , you have a few minutes right now to speak to our Loan Officer just to see how much we can save you on your mortgage, correct?

Contact Info

Zip Code

Standard Qualifiers

Have you refinanced in the prior 6 months?
Short Sales, Foreclosures or Bankruptcies.
30 day lates on ANY mortgage in the last 12 months.
And are you, your spouse or anyone else on the home title a US Veteran?

Cashout Qualifiers

Additional Qualifiers

Hand-off Script

(Must be read word for word) OK great! What I need to do now is bring on my loan officer. When I submit your information, if the loan officer is on the phone they may call you in the next 24-48 hours and their call would override any state or federal no contact registries you may be on just so the lender can get a hold of you and get you the information. Is this Ok? Great! (PRESS SUBMIT and Follow hand-off script)